Katy Byrom Content Writer

Katy has written for Real Estate Witch since 2021, focusing primarily on non-traditional home sales and real estate costs. She’s passionate about helping people unpack the complexities of real estate and make more informed decisions around buying, selling, and investing.

When not researching home selling trends or interviewing real estate attorneys about the ins-and-outs of probate sales, she enjoys roaming around Chattanooga with her cocker spaniel and absorbing all that she can from the handy people at Ace Hardware (who are patiently coaching her through a remodel of her 1930’s cottage). Katy holds a BA from San Diego State University, an MA from Pepperdine, and — most importantly — a “Best Auntie Ever” distinction from her 13 nieces and nephews.

Expertise: Non-traditional home sales; cash home buyers; iBuyers; real estate costs; real estate trends

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