Michael Yessis Content Project Manager

Michael Yessis joined the Real Estate Witch team in 2021, bringing more than 20 years of experience as a professional writer and editor. He’s written for Smithsonian Magazine, AARP Magazine, and many other publications.

As a Content Project Manager for Real Estate Witch, Michael focuses on helping those who want to sell their house without a realtor. Michael loves DIY culture. He co-founded and eventually sold a bootstrapped digital publication. At home, he takes on small DIY projects and hopes to gain the skills to manage bigger ones, like that bathroom that’s needed an overhaul since the day he and his family moved in.

Michael hikes, bikes, plays pickleball, and listens to a lot of podcasts when he isn’t managing real estate content.

Expertise: How to sell a house by owner (FSBO), flat fee MLS companies, cash home buyers