Hannah Warrick Content Editor

Hannah Warrick has been part of the Real Estate Witch Team since 2023. With a B.A. in English from Samford University, she’s been writing and editing professionally for over 5 years, with a special focus on personal finance, first-time investing, and discount real estate brokers.

In 2022, Hannah and her husband purchased their first home in Knoxville, TN. With the help of a great real estate agent, the process went smoothly despite rising interest rates and a competitive market. While her experience was a positive one, Hannah realized how easily this process could be stressful, chaotic, and discouraging to both buyers and sellers. Shortly after, Hannah joined the Real Estate Witch team with the mission to make the home buying and home selling processes simple, empowering, and cost-effective for everyone.

When she’s not researching the best discount realtors across the U.S., you can find Hannah hiking in the Great Smokey Mountains or working on her upcoming children’s book, The Lonely Bison. She loves all things nature, horseback riding, and story-telling and hopes to inspire the next generation of creative thinkers.

Expertise: Discount real estate brokers, flat fee MLS companies, first-time home selling, first-time home buying