Steve Nicastro Content Team Lead

Steve Nicastro has been part of the Real Estate Witch team since 2021. He brings a unique consumer-first perspective to Real Estate Witch. With two years under his belt at the platform, Steve has become a trusted voice for readers seeking clarity and empowerment in their real estate decisions.

Steve’s path to becoming the Content Team Lead at Clever Real Estate was paved with real-life experiences as a consumer in the real estate market. His hands-on approach in Charleston, S.C., where he closed over $6 million in transactions between 2020 and 2021, has given him a deep understanding of the challenges and victories that buyers and sellers face.

Steve’s tenure as a personal finance writer for NerdWallet, spanning over six years, was more than a career—it was a commitment to unraveling the complexities of finance and real estate for everyday individuals. His insights have been featured in prominent publications like the Associated Press, MarketWatch, and USA Today.

When he’s not writing or thinking about real estate, Steve can often be found embracing his passion for golf at the local course, sipping on ice coffee at Starbucks, channeling energy at the gym, or enjoying quality time with his family in the great outdoors.


  • Real estate commission
  • Selling a house without a realtor
  • Finding a realtor
  • Cash home buyers
  • Home value estimates
  • Real estate investing
  • Rent to own homes

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