Thomas O’Shaughnessy Vice President of Marketing

Tommy O’Shaughnessy acquired the Real Estate Witch from Ryan Shaw in 2020, and he’s never looked back. 

Tommy also bought a 100-year-old house with his wife in 2018 and has experienced the many “joys” of homeownership. From rotting siding to broken ACs and watery basements, Tommy quickly realized there was a lot his agent didn’t tell him about owning a home. 

When Tommy acquired the Real Estate Witch, he wanted to demystify real estate and make it accessible to everyone. Since then, the Real Estate Witch has helped hundreds of thousands of home sellers find answers to their most important real estate questions. 

When Tommy’s not obsessing over the Real Estate Witch’s traffic numbers, he’s usually reading a good book, trying out a new restaurant with his wife, or losing a game of handball to someone twice his age. 

Expertise: Home selling costs, alternative home selling models, real estate market trends

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