Jamie Ayers Content Product Manager

Jamie Ayers is a real estate writer, editor, and Content Quality Operations Manager at Clever Real Estate. He’s been writing about real estate for the better part of a decade. Jamie is an authority on emerging real estate tech companies like iBuyers, discount real estate brokers, and power buyers. He’s passionate about helping consumers understand the benefits and risks of these new models.

Before Clever, he managed digital publications for organizations across a variety of industries, including residential and commercial property development, building and construction technology, financial services, and insurance. His writing, research, and expert advice have been featured across a wide range of major online publications, including Forbes, Inc., Entrepreneur, and BiggerPockets.

Jamie is also a homeowner and enthusiastic DIY-er. Since he and his wife bought their first home back in 2021, Jamie’s gotten himself in over his head with numerous home improvement projects, including building a 500-foot post-and-wire fence, remediating a major rodent infestation, and re-insulating an attic. So far, he’s managed to come out the other end (mostly) in one piece.


  • iBuyers
  • Low commission real estate agents
  • Power buyers
  • Real estate commission rates
  • Rent to own homes


  • B.A. Music Composition & Technology — Skidmore College